Village of Wheeling, Board Meeting, November 7, 2022
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Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call - Start of Liquor Control Commission Meeting

Consideration of a Request for a Class B Liquor License from Pirosmani Georgian Food Art LLC, an Existing Restaurant at 847849 West Dundee Rd

Consideration of a Request from Pirosmani Georgian Food Art LLC at 847849 West Dundee Road for a Supplemental Class D-4 Liquor License to Authorize the Sale of Package Liquor by a Restaurant

End of Liquor Control Commission Meeting

Start of Regular Board Meeting - Roll Call

Changes to the Agenda

Proclamation Recognizing Sewa Diwali Food Drive

Citizen Concerns and Comments

Consent Agenda Items

Resolution Awarding a Restaurant and Retail Build-Out Assistance Grant for Meat & Potato Urban Kitchen, 403 W. Dundee Rd

Ordinance Amending Title 19, Zoning, of the Wheeling Municipal Code to Establish the Permissibility of Outdoor Storage within the Industrial Zoning Districts, and to Establish New Land Use Regulations for Gaming Establishments and Tobacco Retail Sales Establishments

DISCUSSION RE: Capital Improvement Plan 20232027

Official Communications

Approval of Bills

Total Meeting Time 1 Hr 7 Mins



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