Village of Wheeling, Board Meeting, March 6, 2023
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Call to Order, Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call - Start of Liquor Control Commission Meeting

Approval of Minutes

Consideration of a Request for a Class N-V Liquor License from Avadhesh, Inc. d/b/a Sip and Slots, a Proposed Gaming Establishment at 30 West Dundee Rd

Hearing in the Matter of Cooper's Hawk Wheeling LLC d/b/a Cooper's Hawk Winery & Restaurant (583 N. Milwaukee Ave)

Hearing in the Matter of Phillip Carpenter Post 66 AMVET Building Corporation d/b/a AMVETS Post 66 (700 McHenry Rd)

Hearing in the Matter of Elsa Restaurant Group Wheeling LLC d/b/a Elsas (735 N. Milwaukee Ave)

Executive Session

Action on Executive Session Items

End of Liquor Control Commission Meeting

Start of Regular Board Meeting - Roll Call

Approval of Minutes

Northwest Community Hospital Cancer Center Check Presentation

Staff Reports

Consent Agenda Items

PRESENTATION: District 21 Administration Building Overview

Ordinance Granting Special Use Approval to Permit the Operation of a Gaming Establishment, 30 W. Dundee Rd (Sip and Slots Caf)

Ordinance Granting a Variation from Title 19, Zoning, to Permit a Reduction in the Minimum Required Building Side Yard Setback from Six Feet to Three Feet, 179 George Rd

Ordinance Granting Special Use Approval to Permit the Operation of a Massage Establishment, 77 S. Milwaukee Avenue (Lee Massage)

Resolution Awarding a Wheeling Restaurant and Retail Build-Out Assistance Grant to Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant, 583 N. Milwaukee Ave

Ordinance Amending Title 4, Chapter 4.08, Section 4.08.070 Entitled Termination of License to Amend the Annual Business License Term to Extend from January 1st through December 31st

Official Communications

Approval of Bills

Total Meeting Time 1 Hr 56 Mins



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